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The ongoing evolution of work

Work is changing in so many ways. New roles appear seemingly every day. Soft skills are almost more important than hard skills to career success. The line between in-office and remote work is blurrier and blurrier. For those in the midst of a job search, it can be dizzying trying to keep up.

In this month’s newsletter, the fastest growing jobs of this decade, how to adopt a cleaner attitude toward networking and the skills you need to sell yourself for a remote role. Read on and enjoy these gathered insights.

The Fastest Growing Jobs of This Decade

For people just entering the job market or trying to decide on a career path, I have four words for you:

Wind turbine service technician

This is, according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics data (as interpreted by the fastest growing job of this decade, closely followed by:

  • Nurse practitioners

  • Solar photovoltaic installers

  • Statisticians

  • Physical therapist assistants

As a recruiter at Johnson Recruiting Group, I see a lot of other booming fields right now, too.

A Cleaner Attitude Toward Networking

Does networking make you feel dirty? A 2014 study found that professional networking literally makes people “crave cleansing products” — and this was before shaking hands became a covid risk.

I’ve rarely found a job seeker who claimed that they loved networking. For most, it’s somewhere between a necessary evil and an actual phobia. Presumably, networking makes people feel icky because they feel inauthentic doing it. But from my vantage point as a people-connector, networking is such a valuable and acceptable career tool that it’s time we all shake off our distaste for it.

It’s helpful to remember that networking is not just a one-way street. Everyone involved benefits from meeting more people and making connections.

Skills You Need to Sell Yourself for a Remote Role

“James, I’m only interested in remote jobs.” I am hearing this refrain more and more from job seekers right now. If you’re specifically seeking out remote jobs right now, here are three types of skills you might want to add to your resume:

Soft skills

People skills — self-discipline, empathy, initiative — become even more important in a remote-work scenario where communication and collaboration can be more challenging.

Social network skills

Whether you’re applying for marketing jobs or not, a designated savvy with social media is beneficial in an increasingly remote, digital world.

Tech and digital skills in general

Coding, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robotics — and, for the non-IT crowd, other valuable technology skills such as the ability to use specific types of cloud software and collaborative work tools.

More and more people are looking for remote work right now, so if you’re one of them, a deft hand at writing your resume will help.

This Month’s Must-Reads

That’s it for this month’s newsletter. I hope you’re enjoying the tail end of 2021 as we head toward a close.


Johnson Recruiting Group

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