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Ingenious Ideas to Kickstart Your 2023 Hiring

We did it. We closed another year out.

There was a time a few years back when just getting to 2023 seemed like a hurdle. But here we are! Now, let’s think ahead to a great year of HR and hiring.

In this month’s newsletter, how Virgin Atlantic bet on diversity to increase its applicant pool, why purpose matters just so very much at work, and what kind of perks are luring people back to the office once and for all. Read on…

How Virgin Atlantic Doubled Its Applicant Pool

This fall, Virgin Atlantic introduced a gender-neutral uniform policy, and it went over well: the airline saw a 100% rise in job applications. For non-binary people, the ability to choose whichever uniform they’re most comfortable in certainly makes Virgin Atlantic the airline employer of choice. But the campaign served a bigger purpose: to make a point about diversity and inclusion.

Virgin Atlantic didn’t do it alone. The company teamed up with the Diversity Standards Collective to make sure the effort was not just a PR stunt but would actually serve an important purpose going forward.

Not every industry has a uniform problem, but every business under the sun can consider making efforts to be more inclusive. It’s good for people, and it’s good for business.

Purpose: It Matters at Work

Two out of three people surveyed by McKinsey say that the pandemic caused them to reflect on their purpose in life — and at work. To be clear, McKinsey also asked the direct question: Is your sense of purpose defined by your work? 70% of people said YES.

If your employees don’t have a clear picture of why they’re important to your company, and why the work they do matters, that’s trouble.

“Purpose” is a pretty vaguely defined term, though. In my work with job seekers as an Executive Recruiter, I can tell you that purpose means different things to different people. For some people, it means feeling like the work they do contributes to the greater good of humanity. For others, #purpose is about #creativity and #innovation. And for many people, it’s about finding a place they excel within an organization and making a quiet contribution from there.

So while there’s no one magic formula you can use to give your people purpose, or to find purpose in your own career, just knowing it’s important is the first step.

Want people back in the office? Invite their dogs.

In L’Oréal’s West Coast HQ, employees can task a “concierge” with picking up their dog at daycare and bringing it back to work for $5 an hour. This is just one of the perks the cosmetics giant grants its workforce. There’s also an onsite garden where employees can pick veggies to take home, not to mention laundry service and people who will fill your car up with gas.

Welcome to the new world of post-pandemic benefits, where companies are luring employees back to the office with very location-specific perks!

As an Executive Recruiter at Quantum Hires, I hear a lot of companies interested in getting their workforces back to the office, and those coming up with creative solutions have the upper hand.

Recommended Reading

Of course, hiring a recruiter is also an excellent way to get the upper hand with hiring! Contact me to get your 2023 HR plan off on the right foot.

James Johnson

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