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Hiring July Newsletter: Banishing your talent woes

In the midst of summer, my hope for you is that your talent woes are not on your mind. If they are, I’m here to serve.

In this month’s newsletter, how to find the flaws in your hiring process, identifying the excellent candidates your automated software passes over, and what motivates your dream candidate. Read on.

The Flaws in Your Hiring Process

Is your hiring process holding you back from hiring the right people?

According to the last numbers put out by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the end of April of this year, there were a whopping 11.4 million job openings in this country. It’s a candidate’s market, and companies that want to compete for talent have to take a cold hard look at their hiring processes.

Here are some of the things I see impacting hiring:

  • Not making decisions fast enough so that you lose candidates to other open roles

  • Not enough transparency and promotion of company culture, which can be a giant factor in job decisions

  • A lack of communication throughout the hiring process — whether you have good news or constructive feedback

These are just some of the reasons people choose other jobs over the ones you’re offering. If you’re struggling to hire talent, take a look at your process first. Read more on Harvard Business Review.

Finding the Candidates Your Software Isn’t Finding

With talent in such high demand, why are talented people still unemployed? One of the reasons is that hiring managers, by necessity, tend to rely on their automated candidate-sorting software to weed out unqualified candidates, and a lot of the time, they do a poor job.

For instance, algorithms are often trained to say “no” to anyone without a four-year degree, anyone who has been incarcerated, anyone with an unconventional employment background. But people who get “red flagged” for these “conditions” can indeed be viable and even excellent candidates.

This is where a recruiter comes in. We do the manual work of finding worthy candidates within a much broader spectrum of qualifications. We might make the case for a candidate who ordinarily would get weeded out of by your software — and who just might turn out to be a superstar.

This Month’s Recommended Reading

What Motivates Your Dream Candidate?

You have a candidate in front of you who you are really hoping to hire. Perhaps they’re the only data analyst in a 300-mile radius. Maybe they just seem like a really dynamic person who would add to your company culture. The question is, what does this person want to hear?

Some candidates prioritize pay over anything else. Others strive to find a company whose values align with their own. If global warming is a big hot-button issue for a candidate, they’re unlikely to work for a company that’s been accused of greenwashing.

The conversation about what motivates a candidate is an important one — either in the interview or, ideally, ahead of time. This is where a recruiter like myself can come in handy. With 12+ years of experience interfacing with job seekers, I know the right questions to ask in advance.

James Johnson

Johnson Recruiting Group

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