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Hiring in a Wild Market

Rounding the bend to the end of 2021, how has it been for you? Whether you are getting this newsletter because you’re actively recruiting or just like to stay in the know, welcome.

In this month’s newsletter, what to do if candidates are ghosting you, how to know what tomorrow’s workforce will be looking for and advice for staying the course in a wild hiring market. And skip to the end for my top three short reads!

Are Candidates Ghosting You?

If so, you’re not alone. According to Indeed data, 28% of candidates ghosted on an employer last year — significantly more than the year before. Tellingly, more than two-thirds of managers told CareerBuilder that when candidates drop out of their hiring process, it’s a problem.

Sometimes candidates pursue multiple jobs at once, and when they decide on one, they drop the ball with the others.

But other times, candidates ghost because they’re frustrated with your process and the lack of information surrounding it.

It’s worth taking a look at your hiring process to make sure you’re being effectively communicative with candidates. This is where a recruiter like myself and those of us at Johnson Recruiting Group can really help.

What Today’s Students are Looking for in Tomorrow’s Employers

Want to know what tomorrow’s best talent is looking for in an employer? No better way to find out than to ask over 200K students from the world’s ten biggest economies, including the US. Universum did this, and some of the takeaways included:

  • A prioritization on diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Decreasing desire to travel — while jobs that enabled world travel used to be exciting for entry-level job seekers, today, it’s a detraction for a lot of folks

  • Not surprisingly, big tech companies are seen as the best places to work, followed by banks, consultancies and professional services companies

So what if you can’t check all these boxes? Or any of them? No one knows better than me how diverse companies and candidates can be. Just as there is “someone out there for everyone,” there’s a right candidate for your open role.

Working with a recruiter is the best way to find that away-from-the-fray candidate looking to travel and work in an untrending field.

Staying the Course in this Hiring Market

If you’re tasked with hiring amidst this time of record-high job openings, you might be intimidated if not a bit, well, hopeless.

But don’t panic and abandon good hiring practices. Even in times when it’s a “buyer’s market,” so to speak, a foundation of a successful employer/employee relationship always starts with the way you conduct interviews and make hiring decisions.

Yes, working with a recruiter like myself can help. I have 12+ years of experience in the hiring world, and can provide a steady compass to lead you through the process. I can also increase your odds of finding the right candidates.

One piece of advice I can offer about the interview process, right off the bat: In this kind of labor market, make sure you’re taking the opportunity to really sell your company, not just grilling the candidate on their skills and experience. Ask questions and proactively offer examples of why your company is a great place to work.

Always remember — now more than ever — that the interview goes both ways.

This Month’s Must-Reads

Every month, I curate a few must-read articles for hiring managers to help you keep on top of trends and best practices. Here are my picks for November:

That’s it for this month. Stay tuned for my last newsletter of the year in December!


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