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February Candidates Newsletter: 3 reasons to quit your job right now

Perhaps you’re already head-down in a hunt for a better job. Or you’re simply contemplating it and keeping your options open.

Either way, in this month’s newsletter, I present three reasons to quit your job, whether to worry about those resume gaps and my recommended short reads for this month. Enjoy!

3 reasons to quit your job

Yes, the employment market is uncertain. The economy seems constantly on the brink. And besides, you’re so comfortable in your routine.

Still, it might be time to quit your job. How do you know? Here are three reasons.

  • You feel invisible. You have skills, but they aren’t being used. Or they’re being used, but you’re not being recognized for them. And you’re getting resentful.

  • Your values are a mismatch with your employers. You value equality and collaboration, but your company culture is all about hierarchy. You value quiet time to think, but constant meetings are the norm.

  • You dread going to work. This one is pretty basic and hard to deny.

Some problems are fixable, but these typically are not.

If you’re ready to start a search for a new job, I’ll be happy to help.

Resume gaps: Good or bad?

Conventional wisdom was always that resume gaps were bad… until Gen Z (and the pandemic) came along.

Younger workers are rewriting the rule book in many ways, including when it comes to resume gaps. One recent UK survey showed that nearly half of Gen Zers in that country have at least a 6-month career gap in their short resume. Another survey by LinkedIn found that 62% of workers of all ages have taken a break from work at some point.

So why the contempt for resume gaps?

Aside from the pandemic, there are a lot of reasons a professional may have taken some time off: to have children, to help raise children, to take care of parents, or just to take a break from the rat race. Some people take breaks to care for their own mental or physical health, too. It’s all valid.

I encourage job seekers not to be embarrassed or ashamed of resume gaps. Bring it on, and we’ll find you the next new role that truly works in your life!

Recommended reading

Don’t rage apply. Call me.

Move over quiet quitting. Now, there’s something better: rage applying.

That’s when people get so fed up at their jobs that they compulsively apply to new ones on a whim.

If you’re tempted to go on a rage-applying bender, take a deep breath, take stock of what you really want, and call a recruiter like those of us at Quantum Hires. We can help you find your calm center in a new, better role.

James Johnson

Quantum Hires

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