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December Newsletter: News from the final stretch of 2021

As we round out the year, I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a little R&R over the break. As a leader, you’re invested in supporting your employees’ mental and physical health. But you can’t forget about your own! Take a break — you deserve it.

But before you do, in this month’s newsletter, how to discern between top performers and passionate employees, the biggest trend in job benefits right now, and my favorite short reads of the last month.

Passionate Employers Are Not Always Your Top Performers

We all want engaged employees who are excited about what they do. And many a study has shown that “calling-oriented employees” who are motivated by finding meaning in their work are more engaged than those who are motivated strictly by financials.

But what does all this have to do with job performance? Not as much as you might think, to be honest. A few years ago, in a report about “research on work as a calling,” researchers discovered that while calling-oriented employees DO put in more effort at work, it’s not always the most effective effort.

On the other hand, in another set of research by academics at the University of Hong Kong, they found that calling-oriented employees often have higher pay and organizational status. Why? Because managers favor these type of employees.

It’s a unique kind of bias that managers should think about as they weigh what’s more important — engaged employees who’ve found meaning in their work and contribute to a positive company culture, or top performers who can change the top line?

The #1 Trend in Job Benefits Right Now

A few years ago, the big trend in job benefits was unlimited PTO. It started with a few progressive tech companies and eventually gained traction beyond tech.

Today, we’re seeing another emerging trend: employers investing in employee mental health. This makes a lot of sense right now, and I probably don’t need to explain why.

Fast Company and Forrester recently collaborated on a study of business leaders, HR leaders, managers, and employees and found that 64% prioritize a flexible and supportive work culture even over salary!

For this reason, companies are providing resources like therapy and coaching as part of their benefits packages now.

What about your company? If you’re feeling out of touch with what sort of benefits and options other companies are offering that could be attracting away valuable talent, recruiters like those of us at Johnson Recruiting Group are happy to give you some insight and support.

This Month’s Must-Reads

What’s Your Current Reality?

“The ability to accept reality is one of the most useful, and most misunderstood, skills for a leader.” — Wise, albeit pretty obvious, words from Harvard Business Review.

This is certainty a time for leaders to stop fighting reality, especially when it comes to hiring. Yes, hiring has gotten challenging. It’s a candidate’s market these days. But “accepting reality” does not mean giving up on finding the right people for open roles.

Working with a recruiter is one way to gain an advantage in a tough hiring market, of course. We can help you zero in on the prime candidates and facilitate the discussions with them.

If you’re ready to gain an advantage in your hiring during a competitive climate, contact me at Johnson Recruiting Group today.


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