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Candidates: Looking Ahead, and Sometimes Back

I love this time of year, which combines an introspective look back with a hopeful look forward at what industry and hiring may bring in the year ahead.

In this month’s newsletter, the jobs forecast for 2022, some red flags to watch out for in interviews, and what to do if you’ve had a “pandemic epiphany.”

The Forecast for 2022

One recent LinkedIn article lists the Big Ideas the LinkedIn community of influencers and creators see on the horizon. Among them:

  • Frontline employees getting (and deserving!) more clout than ever before

  • Organizations leaning into the competitive advantage of a 4-day workweek to attract talent

  • More transparency around salary conversations

  • More dimension around diversity in hiring, so that’s it’s not just about numbers hired, but placements

  • The professional nomad lifestyle as a truly valid way of life

The companies and candidates I work with are heading into 2022 with energy and zeal. I’m excited to see where this year takes us.

Red Flags to Watch Out for As You’re Interviewing

Everyone wants the same thing: A job they love in a company whose culture is a good fit. But it can be hard to discern from your first interactions and interviews whether THIS company is going to be the right fit. Here are a few red flags I’ve picked up on in my 12+ years as a recruiter:

  • The person interviewing you seems really cool — except that part where you heard them screaming at another employee behind a closed door before you walked in

  • The reviews on Glassdoor and other company review sites are good — but they were all posted on the same day (hmmm)

  • The person interviewing you has no idea who you are and clearly has not looked at your resume

Obviously, you have to use your gut and your own personal experience when judging whether a potential role will be the right fit, but spot any of the above red flags, and I can almost guarantee it won’t be.

So, You’ve Had a Pandemic Epiphany

“There is evidence that people have been doing thinking during the pandemic in terms of how their life is going and have had some epiphanies and decided they want to make some changes to their life.”

— Dr Anthony Klotz, Associate Professor of Management, Texas A&M University

You were climbing the career ladder, when you realized it was the wrong ladder. So you quit your job — maybe took some time off, perhaps went back to school, possibly did some soul searching — and now you’re ready to start again.

This is a common story these days, and recruiters like those of us at Johnson Recruiting Group are here to help. If you’re eager to get your career pivot in motion, reach out!

This Month’s Must-Reads

Some practical tips from the experts to help you with your job search…

That’s it for the first newsletter of 2022, and I look forward to what this year may bring us all! Good things, I hope.

James Johnson

Johnson Recruiting Group

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