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Candidates - Fall into your next job

September is a serious month. Summer officially ends, kids go back to school and the last quarter looms. For those whose goal was to land a new job in 2021, it’s getting close to the wire.

In this month’s newsletter, how to turn down a job offer after you’ve worked hard for it, the importance of a consistent social media brand across personal and professional accounts and some insight into what might have gone wrong in your last job interview. Read on.

How to turn down a job offer with grace

You’ve done the work to get the job. But now you have a job offer, and you don’t want the job. Sometimes, this happens. Ideally, you handle it with grace. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Let the hiring manager or recruiter know right away. If you procrastinate, it only makes it harder for us to rectify the situation and find someone else.

  • Send a gracious rejection that briefly mentions why the role is not the right fit, and what sort of role might be a better fit. If you’ve already accepted another role, be honest and clear about that.

  • If you’re already at the stage where you’re having phone conversations with the recruiter or hiring manager, if at all possible, do this over the phone.

It might be awkward. It might be painful. But the more mature, gracious and direct you are, the fewer bridges you’ll burn and the more options you’ll retain for your future.

The importance of a consistent personal brand

You might be great at LinkedIn. You might also be great at using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But are you great at consistency?

As you’re searching for a new job, and you’re working with a recruiter or approaching hiring managers, you should assume we’re looking beyond your LinkedIn profile to get a sense of what you’re like.

If you present as super professional and together on LinkedIn, but have a public-facing Twitter account where you live tweet your weeknight all-nighters at the clubs, that might set off a red flag for a hiring manager. Personal brand shines through in everything you do online. Think about how you’re presenting yourself on ALL online channels.

What went wrong?

“I thought I nailed that interview. What went wrong?”

I’m so glad you asked. Chances are, it was one of these things:

  • You didn’t do your research, so you couldn’t demonstrate your knowledge of the company and team in order to insert yourself into the story.

  • You haven’t gotten great at telling stories about your own personal successes, either.

  • You came across as arrogant in an effort to seem confident.

  • You did great, but there was simply a better candidate.

That last one is the only one you really can’t do anything about. For the other three, take a lesson for next time. Do your research, learn how to toot your own horn — and be careful about how you toot it.

And if you need any coaching, talk to your recruiter!

This Month’s Must-Reads

That’s it for this month’s newsletter. If you’re getting serious about finding a new job, I’m here to support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out today.


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