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Candidates Celebrating the Wins

Are you closing out this year feeling satisfied with your current position or looking forward to making a shift in 2023? I’m here for you when you’re ready!

In the meantime, here is a roundup of the best stuff I’ve come across in the past month: why people are ghosting your interviews, how many people are googling for excuses not to go to work and the reality about our collective unhappiness. Read on.

So, You Got Ghosted

You found the perfect candidate for a key open role. But then you got ghosted. It happens to the best of us.

No way to say exactly where things went wrong, but Glassdoor surveys say there are a few primary reasons candidates drop out of the interview process without a trace:

  • They simply took another role

  • They hear bad things about your brand and workplace from other employees

  • They don’t hear bad things, but they don’t hear good things, either!

As an employer, it’s not enough for your reputation to stay intact. You need to proactively brand yourself. Make it known that you provide a superior place to work by giving a voice to your current employees.

Also, work with a recruiter (ahem) who can talk you up.

“Hey Google, Find Me an Excuse Not to Go to Work Today”

In 2022, in the US alone, there were 2,230,240 Google searches for things like “believable excuses to miss work.” That number has increased by almost 2000% since pre-pandemic times.

People are no longer willing to mindlessly show up for jobs they don’t like. So how are you going to keep your employees happy? It starts with hiring the right employees — those whose values match your company culture.

Recruiters like those of us at Johnson Recruiting Group are here to help you find those excellent matches. Contact me today to find your best people.

The pandemic ruined everything. Or did it?

According to Gallup CEO John Clifton, who recently released the book The Blind Spot: The Global Rise of Unhappiness and How Leaders Missed It, we’ve actually been unhappy since before the pandemic. He calls Covid the “strawman” everyone blames for something that was already in motion.

Job stress is a huge factor in our collective unhappiness, according to the book and, well, just about everyone — including you, if you hate your job. Having the resources, tools and leadership to do your job effectively is the remedy.

Or… maybe it’s time for a new job. If you have a hunch that might be true for you, reach out.

Recommended Reading

Happy holidays to you, and happy new year, too.

James Johnson

Quantum Hires

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